FailSafe procedure attributes are being lost.



The default properties on collection classes are being changed and procedure attributes are being lost. Why?


In previous versions of FailSafe the instrumentation was file based, and now it is doing everything in memory through the VB Extensibility object. This created an unforeseen problem causing the procedure attributes to be lost.

Because the Procedure ID's are stored in the class module file as text, VB parses out these attributes when it loads the file, and re-writes it when you save the file. The inherent nature of the Procedure ID's is very volatile and the cross-references to these attributes are easily lost when you manipulate the source code.

You get the same behavior if you were to cut and then paste the same procedure into the same module.

The only work around is to use the stand-alone version of FailSafe to do the Instrumentation because it is still file based and does not use the VB Extensibility object.

Old KB# 11227
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