General overview of the video problem for SoftICE 1.x



General overview of the video problem for SoftICE 1.x


The video problems of Soft-ICE for Windows are ongoing and have been ever since the very first versions.  Soft-ICE for Windows is a text mode debugger, so to pop up, it must first record the current state of the video card registers.  To do this Soft-ICE must understand every different video card and how to save and restore states.

In version 1.0-1.2 of Soft-ICE, Nu-Mega used the fact that almost everyone used generic VGA as their display type and was thus able to pop up on almost 100% of the computers.  However, as graphics adapters became more common, Soft-ICE had problems displaying.

Version 1.3 of Soft-ICE was the first to directly support video cards.  The cards it supported were - ATI Mach 32 and Mach 8, the STB and generic VGA.  You could force Soft-ICE to program for a certain card by putting DISPLAY= lines in WINICE.DAT.

Starting with version 1.4, Soft-ICE began to use "video VxDs".  These VxDs were found in the Soft-ICE directory and SETUP allowed you to choose which cards were supported.  The cards supported were the same as 1.3 with Diamond Viper and the Compaq Qvision included.

Versions 1.5 and higher now have new video VxDs which support 30 to 40 different video cards.  For a list of the cards, download the file SIWDRVRS.ZIP from the BBS, Compuserve forum or FTP site.

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