Getting SSR_OPPS error message when I profile my app with Performance Analysis.



Invalid record, type SSR_UNDEFINED and SSR_OOPS When building with Performance Analysis in release mode


This article is for DevParnter Studio 7.0.x release and DevPartner Profiler Community Edition.

If you are using Whole Program Optimization (/GL) when you do the release build with either of the two tools enabled, you will get these error messages.

Whole Program Optimization (/GL) is not supported by our tools. Please remove this flag before you build with our tool. In our next release, 7.1, we will inform you to remove it if we detect that you have this flag on.

If you are using our DevPartner Profiler Community Editon and you are not using /GL, please contact our technical support for a patch for DPCTI.DLL.

Old KB# 11319
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