Using WLOG with MS-DOS 6.0



Are there any known issues with using wlog with ms-dos 6?


On some systems, WLOG does not work correctly under MS-DOS 6.0.

  Two separate types of problems have been reported. In both cases,

  there is a work-around.

  The first problem occurs using the WLOG icon. Conditions related

  to the problem are that the DOS Soft-ICE is loaded (in CONFIG.SYS),

  disk compression (DBLSPACE) is enabled, and the system has 5Mb or

  less memory.

  If Windows is terminated without any further major operations

  after the WLOG, the LOG file will not be on the disk. However, if

  WLOG is run a second time, or if the system is rebooted or if the

  UNDELETE command is run (even if nothing is undeleted), the LOG

  file will now show up in the correct directory.

  The other problem occurs when using WLOG in a DOS box; it may be

  related to disk compression.

  When the LOG file is written for the first time, the file size

  is always 256 bytes long. The contents of the LOG file are the same

  two bytes repeated 128 times. If the WLOG command is repeated, the

  LOG file will now be the right size and contain the correct history


Old KB# 11542
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