Created On:  16 February 2011


Product Name: DevPartner Studio
Product Version: 9.x, 10.x
Platform/OS Version: Windows

Previous versions of DevPartner allowed the user to disable the compile step in Code Review. A settings option disabled all rules which require the compile step, and thus the compile step itself. From DevPartner 9.x on, this option is missing.


The compile step is mandatory and cannot be deactivated since DevPartner 9.x. It is to ensure the Code Review rules are only applied on a project which can compile without error. The validity of the generated report can then be assured. It is still possible to disable the mandatory compile step, which is not documented and not available to customers. The usage is strictly exempted from production environment. The validity of the generated report is neither guaranteed nor risk reporting false findings. Please contact the DevPartner Product Manager for option to enable it.
Incident #2489217