Running non-instrumented code with TrueTime



Am I required to compile/instrument all of my files with TrueTime to conduct performance profiling on my application?


No. Many programmers who first use TrueTime assume they need to instrument their source code to start profiling (ie, compiling your component with TrueTime). Although instrumenting code allows TrueTime to collect source level information, we recommend that you start your project without using instrumentation so that you can find the biggest bottlenecks first.Those are the functions/images you should be targeting first.

In many cases, profiling without instrumentation can uncover lots of "time soakers" that are not part of the programmers source code, but are actually located within a 3rd party DLL where source code is not obtainable for performance improvement.

Once the bottlenecks have been found and documented, you can then instrument your components (ie, "Rebuild All with TrueTime") as you see appropriate for more source code level integration with TrueTime.

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