BoundsChecker is incompatible with Phar Lap's TNT Embedded Toolsuite.



I'm using Visual C 5.0 (VC5) and am not seeing proper BoundsChecker integration, even though I've reinstalled a few times. BoundsChecker will not bring up its Program Results window, or perform integrated debugging. I'm using Phar Lap's TNT Embedded Toolsuite.


This is a known issue with Phar Laps TNT Embedded Toolsuite that is documented in their release notes. The two tools cannot coexist in the Visual C IDE. You'll need to remove one or the other (though you may want to see their release notes for more information on their side.)

We are currently looking to remove these conflicts in a future version, but as of the most current version of BC (v.6.6) now the two products are incompatible.

Old KB# 12265
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