TrueTime -- 'Compiling Image' problem



When I try to 'Make with TrueTime' from the VB6 IDE, I get the 'Compiling Image' progress bar, which just sits there and does nothing.  I hit CANCEL on it, and nothing has been done to my app -- TrueTime has not instrumented.


Usually, this problem occurs if you are making use of user tabs on your VB6 toolbox.  The workaround is to move all user controls from the user tabs to the general tab, delete those tabs, exit VB and then reload VB.

The reason for this problem is that the project will not build from the command line at all.  TrueTime/TrueCoverage uses the command line compile.  Projects not compiling when user tabs are present is a known Microsoft bug reported in the following Knowledge Base article:

Old KB# 11460
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