FinalCheck and Optimizations



When I try to compile with "Instrument builds" on, I get:

     error NM2002:  inline /Ob used during instrumentation

I am using Visual C 4.2, I have looked through all of your documentation I could not find anything about not using inline expansion.  Is there some setting I need to change in the Developer Studio.


What is likely is that you are building a target that is not a debug target.  With optimizations on, our instrumentation will not be able to reliably spot errors.   To make sure that the target you are building has the correct settings, go to the Project Settings for VC.  In the C tab, and the General category, be sure that "Program Database is chosen for debug info, and Optimizations are 'disabled (debug)'.  Now delete the intermediate files and build the target.  You should no longer get the message.

Old KB# 12206
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