BoundsChecker's BugBench doesn't include CTL3D32.DLL



The BugBench program that came with BoundsChecker seems to depend on CTL3D32.DLL. This isn't on my system.


We don't ship this library (CTL3D32.DLL) since there are so many different versions around we didn't want to risk corrupting a user's system.  Normally if you have installed any major layered product the file will already be present on the your system in either the SYSTEM or SYSTEM32 directories.

You can find this file on your Visual Studio 6.0 media. Copying it to your SYSTEM32 or SYSTEM directories will solve this problem. If you don't have access to the DLL via other means and require it for use with BugBench, please contact technical support via our problem submission form on our web page or by emailing

Old KB# 12262
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