Created On:  09 July 2012


In version 8.2.1 there was a know issue with DevPartner profiling on multi-processor machines and documented below.  Is that in reference to the documented in version 8.2.1?

"Known Issues Version 8.2,1:

Special Considerations for Instrumenting Code under Visual Studio 2005 on Multi-processor Machines

Although Visual Studio 2005 supports multiple concurrent builds, code marked for instrumentation is not being instrumented in some circumstances.

To work around this problem, configure the Maximum number of parallel project builds setting to 1 (via Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions > Build and Run in Visual Studio 2005)."


This issue has now been resolved. As of version 10.6 DevPartner now supports application instrumentation using Microsoft's ability to compile multiple projects in parallel. Please upgrade to version 10.6 to remove the previous restriction.

Incident #2579926