How to get coverage data for the module loaded by different applications ?



How to get Coverage Analysis data for a dll loaded by a different executable.


There is a special switch /i for NMMerge.exe utility which lets you to do so.

You can use the following command syntax to merge two or more Coverage session files or merge files from the command line. Brackets [ ] indicate that a parameter is optional:

nmmerge /m output.tcm [/i imagename] {inputfile1 [inputfile2 inputfile3] | @indirectfile}

/m output.tcm Name of the output merge file.

/n Tells TrueCoverage to delete output.tcm if it exists. If you specify an existing merge file and you do not specify this option, TrueCoverage add the sessions to the merge file.

/i imagename Tells TrueCoverage to use data for only the specified images. Specify a separate /i option for each image you want to include. This option is useful if you want to collect coverage data for a DLL or OCX that you use from several different applications. You can merge the data for only that DLL or OCX so that TrueCoverage does not check the executable used to run the session.

Please note: for managed modules, just list the assemblies' name only, no extensions.

Inputfilen Space-separated list of input session or merge files. File names can include wildcards.

@indirectfile Name of a text file that contains a list of input session or merge files. If a path is not specified, TrueCoverage looks for the file in the current directory.Each file name should be specified on a separate line. File names can include wildcards.


You can specify nmmerge options in any order. They are not dependent on position.

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