Internal Error 2343 during install of DevPartner Studio 7.x



Error 'Internal Error 2343' trying to install DPS 7.x


There are various reasons that you may encounter this error. To troubleshoot the cause of your error please follow the steps below:

Generate a Microsoft Installation log (MSI):

In order to get additional details about why you may have encountered this problem, we recommend that you generate a MSI log.

To turn on MSI Logging follow the directions in: Knowledge Base Article 663

Verify the cause of your error within your MSI log:

In the install log search for Error 2343. If your log contains the following lines when you get this error it may be because the registry key for your MS Visual Studio is not found or is blank.

MSI (c) (7C:D0): Doing action: Set_VS6Dir.F406D2B9_0F93_4C58_9E66_BD1A9753FC94 Action start 18:00:49: Set_VS6Dir.F406D2B9_0F93_4C58_9E66_BD1A9753FC94. MSI (c) (7C:D0): Note: 1: 2343 DEBUG: Error 2343: Specified path is empty.

Internal Error 2343. MSI (c) (7C:D0): Product: Compuware DevPartner Studio Professional Edition -- Internal Error 2343.

Action ended 18:02:03: Set_VS6Dir.F406D2B9_0F93_4C58_9E66_BD1A9753FC94. Return value 3. Set_VS6Dir.[] Action

Check if your Registry key contains the value 'VsCommonDir':

Using regedit, find the following registry key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\6.0\Setup 'VsCommonDir'.

If this registry key is missing we recommend that you repair/reinstall Visual Studio 6.0 and the Service Pack, as other registry keys and system environmental variables may also be missing or have been overwritten. This may result in your installation of Visual Studio 6.0 being unstable.

To Determine your SP version of Visual Studio 6.0:

In order for the DevPartner Studio 7.x installation to properly integrate with VS 6.0 we require a minimum of Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 3 (we recommend SP5). To determine which SP version that you have installed you can check the following registry key:


The 'ServicePacks' key is created if you have SP 3 or higher installed. If you don't see this key it indicates that you have less than SP3 installed. Please install the required SP before reinstalling DPS.

Reinstall DevPartner Studio with MSI logging on:

Please be sure to leave MSI logging turned on when you do the reinstall of DPS. If you should encounter other installation issues this will allow us to help you to resolve your issues.

Turn off MSI logging after a successful installation

Other causes of this error:

Please refer to Knowledgebase article 925.

If none of the information in this article helps, please contact Technical Support.

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