How can I see symbol and source code in DriverWorkbench BoundsChecker?



1. I cannot see symbols in DriverWorkbench BoundsChecker. What is the reason for this?

2. My driver source code on the target machine is located in different directory than my development machine. How can I see symbols and source code in DriverWorkbench in target machine?


Unlike SoftICE, DriverWorkbench does not read .NMS file for debug information. DriverWorkbench relies on the .PDB file generated by compiler and linker. To generate .PDB debug information from MSVC 6, select 'Program Database' (/Zi option) in Project Settings | C/C | Debug info, and add /DEBUG /DEBUGTYPE:CV /PDBTYPE:CON option in Project Settings | Link | Project Options.

Since a .PDB file contains path sensitive debug information, all the necessary source code on target machine has to be on the same directory as development machine. Currently there are no workaround if source code on target machine is located on different directory.

In DriverWorkbench go to View | Option | Symbol search path, add a path to your project .SYS binary directory.

Example: C:\MyProjects\HelloDriver\sys\objchk\i386

DriverWorkbench will get the .PDB file location from .SYS file, and read the .PDB file for debug information.

If necessary, add a path to Windows debug symbols to see system symbols.

Example: C:\WINNT\Symbols\exe\ for ntoskrnl debug information.

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