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I'm looking for the source file in the lower window of the BoundsChecker display but it says No source file.


'No source' with BoundsChecker (BC) can have several causes:

  1. If you are using VisualStudio 6 and have a SP below 5 it can cause this kind of problem. You may also want to re-install SP5 if it's already on the machine.
  2. If you are running on XP SP2 and are using any version of BoundsChecker below 7.2 you can also get this problem. You must upgrade to BC version 7.2 or above.
  3. Does BoundsChecker know where to find the source and PDB files? You can specify the source path in the BoundsChecker Settings. If the files are on another machine map a drive to the target location and then specify the mapped directory in the settings (UNC [\\machine\path] settings do not consistently work)

When a error is detected, BC may still report 'no source file' until you drill down on the error. For example, if you run a simple program like:

int main() 
int *p = new int; 
return 0; 

The BC summary page will show No source file Click on the leak - in the example above it will say just 'Memory Leak' (which will take you to the 'memory leak page'). The memory leak page will have 3 items in the cascade. The last one is the actual leak and clicking on it will show the source. From the example above, the line: int *p = new int; will be in red indicating where the leak is.

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