DPAgent no server side ASP profiling or TrueTime is locking up IIS



Attempting to profile server side IIS and having problems with TrueTime - version 6.6 and below.


Symptoms of this problem are:

  • IIS process hangs/ crashes, requiring a reboot
  • No recording controls dialog
  • Pop's up a recording controls, but doesn't give source-level information.

There are some very specific configuration requirements in order for DPAgent's 'Enable TrueTime for IIS' setting to actually collect ASP script profiling. These are covered in the readme, but it can be a little hard to follow, so here they are again:

  1. Install a new version of the script debugger from Microsoft (available from http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting). This may be necessary even if you already -have- the downloadable version on your machine, just to ensure consistency between DLL's and the like. If you don't do this, turning on IIS profiling in DPAgent will often lock up IIS, the only workaround being a hard kill or a reboot.
  2. In the Internet Services Manager (This is not installed by default with the NT4 option pack. If you can't find the menu item the readme is talking about, go back to option pack setup and install it), you will need to check that the following settings have been set. It turns out that you may need to do these steps on MORE than just 'My web site', because virtual directories and new applications have their own copies of the settings that override the default one. Your best bet is to do this for the top level one, and then do it again for the directory that your .asp pages are actually in:
    1. Make sure the permissions are set to allow Scripts AND Executables to execute. TrueTime is an executable and needs to be able to load.
    2. Make sure you're profiling within IIS's address space. On NT, this means you UNCHECK the 'Run in separate process' box, on 2000 you set the security settings to be 'Low (IIS process)'.
    3. Make sure that 'Server side debugging' is enabled. If you get the settings wrong in step 2, the most common behavior is that either nothing happens at all, or TrueTime will pop up a recording controls window and not give you any source information (just system). TrueCoverage won't give you anything when you hit snapshot in this case.
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