How to get to source code form the BoundsChecker Program Results window



I'm using BoundsChecker with VC , and it seems to be working quite well. A question though - when the program exits, and the BoundsChecker output window lists all the errors, is it possible to double-click on an error, and have it open up the offending code automatically (as the errors in the VC Build window can)?


Yes. Just click on the error and if you have build your program with debug information (/Zi, /Z7) the offending line will pop up in the lower window. Make certain you have the .pdb file in the same directory as the .exe you are trying to test and that it has been built with full debgging info.

If the error is a memory leak you can choose to view the Point of Allocation or Location of Error depending upon what you choose in the call stack dropdown list box.

Old KB# 12207
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