FailSafe Error 76



When I try to load the program,  I receive the following three error messages and then the program terminates.

Msgbox Title: NuMega FailSafe

Msg: There was an Error while running Failsafe.

The Error occurred in ProcessCommandLine.  The error was #76 - Path not

found on line 240.

Msgbox Title: MSVCRT20.DLL for Win32s

Msg: Error:  This version of MSVCRT20.DLL is only intended for Win32s.

Msgbox Title: MSCCDLG32.EXE - Initialization Failed

Msg: Initialization of dynamic link library C;\WINNT\SYSTEM\MSVCRT20.dll

failed.  The process is terminating abnormally.

I am running 32 bit version of Visual Basic 5 on WindowsNT.


You might have a modified or corrupt DLL.  I suggest backing up the file, then replacing MSVCRT20.DLL  from the WinNT disks.  It would also be a good idea to remove FailSafe from the machine then reinstall it after the DLL.

Old KB# 11940
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