BoundsChecker only shows 3 tabs in settings



A number of diagrams in the provided manuals show a "BoundsChecker Settings" tabbed dialog with five tabs:

"Error Detection"

"Event Reporting"

"Program Info"

"Error Suppression"

"Modules and Files"

This dialog can be seen in the "BoundsChecker Basics" manual and in the "BoundsChecker Visual C Edition Quick Reference."

When we bring up the actual dialog, we see only three tabs:

"Error Detection"

"Event Reporting"

"Program Info"

Where did the other two tabs go?  We would really like to use the "Error Suppression" part so that we are not flooded with known MFC and C Runtime errors every time we try to debug our software.

Is there something we need to do to get the full dialog to appear?


These tabs are only visible when you have an executable loaded, either in the stand-alone or in the Microsoft IDE.

For example, if you use Microsoft DevStudio to open a project that creates an executable, then choose the settings item on the BoundsChecker menu, you will see those tabs.

If you are debugging a DLL, use the BoundsChecker standalone to change BoundsChecker settings.  To do this, open the executable in the standalone, change your settings there and then quit.   While doing this, add the module (in the modules and files tab) you are debugging so that BoundsChecker knows to check the module.

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