JVM cant reserve enough space for the users application



JVM error message "Could not reserve enough space for object heap".


The following JVM error message may indicate that DevPartner Java Edition is reserving too much of the processes address space for your program to run:

Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object hea

This problem usually occurs when starting the JVM with a large -Xmx setting. By default, DevPartner Java Edition reserves 256 MB of address space for internal use. This value approximates the maximum size of session files that are generated. While DevPartner Java Edition always requires some overhead, occasionally you can get a system that needs a lot of memory to work by reducing the amount of memory DevPartner Java Edition reserves for session file datA.

To do this, set the NM_MAX_SESSION_FILE environment variable to the value (in MB) that you want DevPartner Java Edition to reserve for session files. For example, you could reduce the amount of memory by half by entering one of the following commands before profiling a process:

  • In Windows, from the DOS prompt: NM_MAX_SESSION_FILE=128
  • In UNIX, from a bash compatible shell: NM_MAX_SESSION_FILE=128
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