Allocation of Memory Failed / Re-Allocation of Memory Failed



Description:  A memory allocation routine has returned an out-of-

memory error code.  BOUNDS-CHECKER pops up on out-of-memory

conditions so that you are aware of them: you should then verify

that your program handles this condition correctly.

An out-of-memory error occurs when there is not enough contiguous

memory to allocate the block size requested.


Probable Causes:

- Not enough contiguous memory left. If your program does random

allocation and freeing, you may have a condition where the heap

has enough free memory for the block, but it is fragmented so

that there is not enough contiguous memory.

  Recommended Action:  Remove any TSRs or other drivers that you do

not need, and load the other drivers and TSR's high to free up

more contiguous memory. Also, reduce the number of allocations

your program is doing.

If your program tests for this type of error, or if your code

determines how much heap space is available by allocating until

it runs out, you can turn this checking off by using the /NMF


Old KB# 12309
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