BoundsChecker performance issues



BoundsChecker is running very slow when BoundsChecking my project.  How can I improve its performance?


BoundsChecker affects the performance of different projects in different ways. In some projects (either very large or time critical projects) the

presence of BoundsChecker can be obtrusive, but there are some things you can do to help speed up the process.

1. Only check the source files you are interested in. Perhaps the module or file you are working on at the time. You can limit BoundsChecker's scope from the BoundsChecker settings (modules and files).

2. Turn off event reporting.

3. Under Error detection | Category: Memory error checking turn off "Use multiple checking methods"

4. Under Error detection | Category: Pointer and leak error checking | turn off "Report Call stack"

Old KB# 12238
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