Breakpoints set in .DRV file do not go off



When breakpoints are set in a .DRV file, they do not appear to go off.  What is wrong?


The most likely reason why this problem would occur is because there is another module loading with the same base module name as the .DRV file.  When Windows loads a module it sends a notification to SoftICE in the form of the module name (usually the filename minus the extension) and the load address.  SoftICE will compare the name Windows passed it with the name of any symbol tables that it has loaded.  If there is a match then the symbol table is sychronized with the address of the notification sent.  If another module comes along with that same module name then the symbol table will be synched away from the original module.  This can happen, for example, if you have two file, FOO.DRV and FOO.VXD.  If FOO.DRV loads first SoftICE will synchronize the symbol table to it.  If FOO.VXD then loads the table will resynchronized to it.

While debugging, it is recommended that you build one of the files to a different name.

Old KB# 11728
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