Not Finding Log File



Here's what we've done:

- Set up instrumentation in one of our VB 6.0 sp3 projects using the MAXIMUM.TPL template.

- Compiled the app.

- Put the app on another computer.

- Put a copy of FSCLIENT.INI in the application directory. What I understand to be the applicable settings.

-Write To Disk = 1

-Log File = testError.LOG

-Capture To Disk = 0

-CircularLog = 0

- Ran the app forcing an error situation.

- Filled in the "what you were doing" section of the FailSafe form and submitted it.

We expected to find a GunError.LOG file in the app directory. The file is nowhere to be found on the system. What should I check?


After instrumenting your project with FailSafe, go to modfailsafe.  Part of the way down (right after the type declarations), there should be a comment "Routines you can change".  In the function fsmyini , change the file name to something other than fsclient.ini .  Now change the name of fsclient.ini that you copied over into that projects folder to the same.  Build the exe again and try running.  You should get the testError.log file in the folder.

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