BC appears to hang Visual Studio



I'm running with BC inside of Visual Studio, and at a certain point the IDE seems to hang. When I move other windows across the IDE, it repaints itself, so it's not completely locked up. The process is still present inside of Task Manager, and it is not p


This issue generally occurs when running in a multi-monitor environment, or if you've recently changed your monitor resolution.

The BC pop-up (when enabled) is coming up somewhere offscreen, and there is no way to gain focus of it. To test whether this is the case, disable <B>'Display error and pause' </B>(under <B><I>BC Settings | General</I></B>) and rerun.

If it no longer hangs, this is probably the culprit.

To resolve this, once it is hung type <Ilt-Space</I>, and select <B>Move</B> from the context menu. Once this is done, use the left or right arrow keys to move the pop-up into view.

It is important to note that, once this is done, the pop-up will appear in the same place from that point on. BC remembers the last location (and size) of the pop-up window.

Old KB# 9051
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