Error when using JCheck 2.x



I am using Sun Java 2 SDK with JCheck for profiling my Java code and I get the following error repeatedly in a dialogue box:

"An Exception Has Occured. Report this information to Devpartner Techical Support". What is wrong?


The Sun Java 2 SDK is shipped with a HotSpot VM that is not compatible with our JCheck tools. To avoid this error, you must force JCheck to use the Sun Classic VM. To do this:

1. Open JCheck and your project.

2. Go to Project--->Settings, and the Your Program Tab

3. Select / configure for the Sun Java 2 SDK in question.

4. In the Arguements feild, use the "-classic" switch (without the quotation marks)

5. Your code should profile without this error now.

Old KB# 11664
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