Created On:  15 October 2010


BoundsChecker 10.0 does not handle signed integers properly -- it breaks program logic

1) Create a NATIVE C application in Visual Studio (this was tested on VS2008 in Win 7). Pick something simple like a console application.

2) Have some logic where signed long ints or signed long long ints are compared without explicitly casting as signed in a "while" loop or "if" statement

3) Notice that BC allows the comparison (-1 <= 0) to evaluate to true (INCORRECT) and, more than likely, infinite loop generation


There is a fix implemented in Web Sync 1 for DevPartner 10.0.  The issue is documented in DPS 10.0.0 WebSync 1 ReadMe document and DPVC 10.0.0 WebSync 1 ReadMe document as required.
Incident #2465397