TCP/IP debuggging with SoftICE



How do I use TCP/IP debugging in SoftICE?


To get TCP/IP debugging working in SoftICE, follow these steps:

1. Replace your network driver with the SoftICE network driver located in the SoftICE

etwork directory.  The install is dependent on the network card and the operating system and is described in the SoftICE readme file.

2. Pop up SoftICE on the target machine and type:

   :NET START (IP Address of target machine)

   :NET ALLOW (IP address of remote machine)  OR :NET ALLOW ANY


    :NET SETUP  (IP Address of target machine) ALLOW=(IP Address of remote machine)

Leave SoftICE up on the target machine.

3. On the remote machine, go to a DOS prompt and type

:SINET (IP address of target machine)

SoftICE should pop up on the remote machine.  You can control it with ctrl-Z

Old KB# 12025
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