Programs with excessive allocations



Programs with excessive allocations


BOUNDS-CHECKER reserves 64K in extended memory to keep track of

  allocations. In cases where there are thousands of allocations (in

  one case, 5444 allocations), it may run out of space to store them.

  If you have a program with this condition, and BOUNDS-CHECKER pops

  up indicating an error, but the data displayed looks correct, key

  an "O" for Options and an "N" for iNfo. If the Data memory used is

  64K, then patch BCHK.EXE as follows:

ren bchk.exe bchk.bin

debug bchk.bin

-s 0 lffff 40 00 26

(prints out an address; the offset should be 1531)

-e 1531 80   (this assumes the address was 1531)



ren bchk.bin bchk.exe

This changes the amount reserved to 128K.

Old KB# 12281
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