BoundsChecker for Delphi/Builder not showing up under every user account on NT.



I have installed the Delphi and C Builder BoundsChecker editions and I have the following  problem:

When I launch Delphi or C Builder from an administrator account, the BoundsChecker menu

appears on both menu bars (the Delphi menu bar and the C Builder menu bar) and BoundsChecker

works. But when I launch Delphi or C Builder from a user account, the BoundsChecker menu does not

appear, and of course, it doesnt work.

I installed BoundsChecker under the administrator account.


You can try either of the two solutions to this problem:

- Install the products for each user that will be using it on that machine.

- You need to use the appropriate registry key in order to have BoundsChecker running in the Delphi or C Builder IDE. The key is the following: "HKCU\Software\Borland\C Builder\3.0\Experts".  Export it once, and import it for every user who will be using it. Use a similar method for Delphi Experts.

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