Overrun of block allocated by Borland's __OvrPrepare routine



BOUNDS-CHECKER reports an overrun of a block that was  allocated by the routine __OvrPrepare.


Turn off Verbose alloc check. This overrun is caused

  by a bug in Borlands VROOMM that actually does overrun their own

  buffer (non-fatal, just a bug). The problem is that after BOUNDS-

  CHECKER reports this error, it puts an end-of-buffer stamp in again

  and this overwrites code and the program will eventually fail.

Another solution is to edit the Borland OVERLAY.LIB file to

  change the size of the allocated block, as follows:

debug overlay.lib

-s 0 lffff b8 10 00 f7 e3

(prints an address)

-e address b8 11          (changes decimal 16 to decimal 17)



After making this change, relink the application program so that the modified library is contained within it.

Old KB# 12283
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