FailSafe for .NET



Why is FailSafe not available for .NET?


FailSafe has not been upgraded to support VS.NET because of the uncertainty as to how our customers would elect to implement NET's new Try/Catch error handling routines.

However a macro utility has been developed that you might find useful.

The Macro will add Try - Catch blocks around the code you have selected and it will also add a FailSafe form similar to the one in VB6.

FailSafe for .NET Macro Utility

download the macro project from here:

This utility will work for VB.NET and C#, however the FailSafe form for C# has not been created yet.

- The macro will put a Try / Catch block around any code that is currently hi-lighted.

VB Example

Me.Visible = Test 
Catch eObj As System.Exception 
Dim oFrm = new frmFailSafe() 
End Try 

Supporting files:

(the macro assumes these files to be stored off of the folder where DPS was installed <%DPS Install Dir%>\FailSafe\VS.NET\VB\)



C# Example

Me.Visible = Test 
catch(System.Exception eObj) 
frmFailSafe oFrm = new frmFailSafe(); 

Supporting files:

frmFailSafe.cs (not finished)

To use the macro:

  1. Open any project within Visual Studio and then go to Tools -> Macros -> Load Macro Project.
  2. Hi-light the code that you want to add the Try/Catch statements around - or - You can add FailSafe to an existing Catch statement by positioning the cursor within the Catch.
  3. Now you can execute the Macro called 'AddFSErrHandle'

Created By: Duane H. Miller

January 15th, 2005

Old KB# 11007
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