PROBLEM: I cannot build with TrueTime in VB5



Whenever I try to build with TrueTime, the progress bar just sits there, or comes up and goes away.  No image results. When I profile I don't get source information.


1. There are a few weird cases where there are problems with read-only files causing Instrumentation to fail.  Try changing the protections on all the files in the project.

2. You can use the command line, NMVB5 /NMP:NMSPEED yourapp.vbp (as always, look in the help for more detailed explanations) to instrument your application.  In some cases VB is unwilling to let us instrument from the IDE, and this is the only known solution.

3. If neither of these work, try using a command line make of: NMVB5 /NMP:NMSPEED /NMLOG youapp.vbp, and send the resulting nmvb5.log file (placed in the TT install directory) along with the SC_COMPILE.OUT file to, and we can try to fix the problem.

Old KB# 11452
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