Sharing CodeReview Database Over a Network



I have been attempting to set up the code review database (nmcrdb.mdb) on a network drive so we can all share the same one.  After a couple of uses, the Code review stops working and gives a message that the database is read-only or on a read-only drive, which is not the case at all.  In one case, it got corrupted and was completely empty.  I thought it was possible to do this.


NOTE: This article pertains to versions prior to 6.5.

1)   close all programs

2)   in windows explorer, go to the CodeReview folder and cut out NMCRDB.MDB

3)   go to your network location and paste the file into the desired directory

4)   right click on the file and select properties

5)   make sure read-only is off

6)  start up CodeReview (not in VB)

7)   you will get the error " CodeReview unable to locate rules database! Verify path is valid in the preference dialog"    Push ok

8)   The CodeReview Preference Box appears, push the browse button for "Path to CodeReview Rules Database"

10)  find NMCRDB.MDB in its new location and pick it - click ok

Old KB# 12347
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