Automating the build of SoftICE .NMS file



I'm using the MSVC IDE > 5.x to build my app. How can I automate building a SoftICE .NMS file during my builds?


If building from within the MSVC IDE, the following steps describe the steps necessary to build .NMS files:

  1. Click on your project's settings by going to Project > Settings with the project in question set as the active project.
  2. Click on the Custom Build tab.
  3. Add this line to the Build Command(s) list:
    <PATH_TO_NMSYM> /TRANS:SOURCE,PACKAGE,ALWAYS/SOURCE:d:\vdw\source;d:\vdw\include $(TargetPath)

    where PATH_TO_NMSYM is the full path to nmsym.exe. For example:

    msym /TRANS:SOURCE,PACKAGE,ALWAYS/SOURCE:d:\vdw\source;d:\vdw\include $(TargetPath)
  4. Add this line to the corresponding OutputFile(s) list:
  5. To force your .NMS file to be loaded into SI automatically after a successful build, click on the Post-Build Step tab and add the following to the Post-Build Description:
    Loading SI Symbols

    To the Post-Build command(s) list add:


    Where PATH_TO_NMSYM is the full path to nmsym.exe.

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