FlexLM No such feature exists - error 5 with DPJ



DPJ License Failure "No such feature exists (-5,357)"


First check the following:

  1. The FLEXlm license manager is running listening on port 7166
  2. Set dpj to read the license server correctly using the command dpj setlicense 7166@localhost
  3. Then verify that there is no x:\flexlm directory on your system. This will cause the Compuware License Manager to get "confused":

    DPJ tries to keep its license environment to a minimum and thus tries to be sure it only gets its license from one specific location. The problem is that FLEXlm (the version we're using) always silently checks in the X:\flexlm\license.dat location first. DPJ can't tell the difference between a failure at that location and the license location it was told. Basically, the X:\flexlm\license.dat location "trumps" whatever entry you provided to DPJ.

  4. If the X:\flexlm exists, delete or rename it. Then reboot. That will fix the issue.
Old KB# 11104
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