DriverWorks 2.x and Microsoft Visual Studio 6



Is DriverWorks 2.x compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 6?


Driver::Works 2.0 operates correctly under Visual Studio 6.0,  but there are a few small changes you will need to make to get going:

First, you must copy the Wizard files (ntdd50.*)  to the subdirectory:

\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\Template

Version 6.0 adds an extra switch, /GZ, to the wizard output for checked builds that causes an unresolved external (__chkesp). You must modify the Project | Settings to remove this switch. Note that the Z is upper case. You must remove /GZ. Do not remove /Gz.

Second, there is an ASSERT in \vdw\source\kdevice.cpp at line 113 which causes the compiler to emit a warning. Comment out this line. This will be corrected in the next service release.

Next, the Visual Studio project settings for the resource compiler specify the DDK include paths. This results in RPC_X_INVALID_PIPE_OPERATION being defined more than once. To correct this, open the project settings, click the Resouce tab, and select the .RC file in the explorer pane. Then remove all include paths.

You will need to rebuild all your libraries.

At this time, these are all the known problems with Visual Studio 6.0.

Old KB# 11995
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