Error adding a DA Remote Agent enable host



I've installed DA and a DARA license on a machine (console) running IIS 5 on Win2K Prof. Edition SP2, and DARA on a separate machine running SQL Server 2000 on WIN2K Server Edition SP2. When I try to add the host running DARA, I get the follwing error message:

"Host "testnett1" does not support metrics collection. Do you want to add the host anyway. Yes or NO?"

Where do I start looking?


If you are having difficulty connecting to a remote machine, you may need to edit the permissions on the following registry key.

Because the default installation of Windows NT on a workstation allows any administrator remote access to the registry from another computer, it is likely the security settings have been modified. The following key has probably been created on each machine and edited to restrict network access to the registry:


Note: Windows NT Server does define this key and allows only the administrator to remotely access the registry.

If one of the machines you are trying to connect to has restricted network access to the registry, you will need to give the console machine access to the registry. Edit the permissions of the key to grant appropriate access priviledges.

Performance Counters on Windows versions other than English

Performance counters on non-English Windows installations are provided both in English and in the other language. The distributed application analysis feature uses the English implementation of the counters. In order to collect metrics on a non-English Windows installation, users need to change the Locale option from the Control Panel Regional Options component to use English.

Its OK to add a host that can't gather metrics collection.  DA will still work, you just won't get metric values from that machine.  The purpose of the message is to indicate to the user way metrics are not being collected for a specific host and not really as an error indicating the host shouldn't be added to the workspace.

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