Created On:  27 January 2010


To yield the proper results and expected behavior for FinalCheck it is sometimes beneficial to confirm that the binary has been properly instrumented.


Per the DevPartner Studio lab, the following technique can be used to confirm FinalCheck instrumentation occurred properly:

1.  Open a Visual Studio 20xx Command Prompt or run vcvarsall.bat with the parameter x86. 
2.  Run the following command: dumpbin /all [exe_or_dll_to_check] > dumpresult.txt (NB: The name of the text file is immaterial.)
3.  Open dumpresult.txt with a text editor.  If you’re checking for error detection instrumentation search for the string “numega_”.  If you’re checking for performance analysis instrumentation, search for the string “tt_line” or “tt_prolog”. Due to possible wrapping of the text in the dump, you may only find the first few letters consecutively. If you find these strings, the binary is properly instrumented.