Support for beta operating system builds and service packs.



I have just installed a new build of a beta operating system or a service pack and Softice is no longer working properly. Is there a patch to fix this.

The result of these service packs and beta operaing system might be a crash


Normally Softice does not have "patches" avialable for new releases of Microsoft products (Operating system builds and service packs etc..).

There are two different approaches that can be taken to make Softice compatible with the latest Operatings system or service pack.

We always suggest that you get the latest avialable version as a part of trying these "tricks".

The first and by far the best is to obtain the latest osinfo.dat and/or osinfob.dat files from the following link(s).

Osinfo.dat is used for running on service packs or operating systems that are released versions.

Osinfob.dat is used when attempting to run any beta Operating System or service packs. Note: You should also obtain osinfo.dat.

Link to osinfo.dat -

Link to osinfob.dat -

The second possible "trick" would be what is called the NTSymbols trick.

The steps for this are as follows:

1. Create a correct NMS file for ntoskrnl. See "Translating system files" below.

2. Place the NTSYMBOLS=ON keyword on a separate line in winice.dat.

3. Add the symbols to the list of symbols to load at start. See "Adding files to start" below.

That should solve nearly even problem encountered with a hot fix or service pack.


1. Be sure you have the correct symbols for your service pack and OS from the Microsoft web site or from the hot fix download zip file.

NOTE: The example below is for ntoskrnl but the steps should be done on any system file you plan on translating.

2. Find the correct ntoskrnl.exe for you machine. To do this right click on ntoskrnl.exe and select properties. Then select the version tab and then the original file name view.

3. If the original file name was something other than ntoskrnl.exe then copy and rename the copy of ntoskrnl back to its original name.

4. Copy the ntoskrnl.dbg (or pdb) that matches the original ntoskrnl.exe into the same directory as the exe.

5. Open SoftICE symbol loader.

6. Open the ntoskrnl.exe and translate the executable.

7. If the exe was renamed due to the original file name then rename the resulting nms file back to ntoskrnl.nms

8. Add ntoskrnl.nms to your list of symbol files to load at start using the SoftICE init settings dialog.


1. Open symbol loader.

2. From the edit menu choose "SoftICE initialization settings".

3. Go to "symbols" in the left side tree.

4. Use the add button and navigate to the nms file that you made and add it to the list.

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