Using Error Detection to profile a Windows Service



Most user conduct a profiling session from Visual Studio. However, this is not feasible for Windows Services.



This can be accomplished either from the DevPartner Error Detection GUI using Wait for Process, or from BC.exe from the Windows shell. First, Under File\Open, navigate to the location of the executable that starts the service, and select this. Then Open Program\Settings and change the Source file search path, to the location of the source code, and change the Working Directory to a location that the user or system account the service starts under can write. The session file and updated DPbcl file will be saved in this location. Then Select "Wait for Process", and start the service from the Windows shell using NET START servicename. Ensure the  service is stopped prior to starting a profiling session.  On subsequent runs you can run this from the Windows shell using bc.exe and  the /W flag.

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