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Unable to get detailed information on COM Interfaces


The “Hook Returned COM Interfaces” when enabled, makes Error Detection aware of certain functions returned by system functions in which an interface was created. This feature allows Error Detection to alter a COM Interface, therefore notifying Error Detection when an interface method was called, what those results were, and ensure that the interface was properly released.

In short, “Hook Returned COM Interfaces” allows Error Detection the ability to monitor certain extended functions used to allocate and release memory.

Caveat: Altering COM interfaces is analogous to the process adopted by computer virus developers. As a result, Microsoft has responded by increasing its sensitivity to such low level manipulations. This increase in sensitivity in some instances, has caused applications to mysteriously terminate without explanation.

Therefore, as a previous default feature of the product, hooking returned com interface was far and away the most destabilizing aspect of Error Detection. More so when it came to profiling managed [.NET] and mixed-mode solutions. In an effort to address this issue, we have disabled the feature by default.

Consequently, if your application is not a mixed-mode or managed solution, and you have implemented COM interfaces with a desire to monitor their activity; checking the “Hook Returned COM Interfaces” will provide the functionality that is currently disabled.


*Of note, a performance hit with “Hook Returned COM Interfaces” checked is negligible. However, applications that use .NET code, by checking this feature, the stability of the Error Detection may be affected.


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