NMCL Error: "Exited With Code 1"



During a profiling session with either Bounds Checker or Performance Analysis a Runtime Exception producing an NMCL error: “Exited with Code 1” is given.  This may occur for users who are not beyond DPS build # 11.1.356.0 but are greater than DPS Build #10.6.472.1


Download the latest build from the Support site under Product Updates-> DevPartner
Or, if you cannot or are not willing to uninstall your current version, request the CTI_11_1.zip patch from Support. Apply the patch below by unzipping the patch files into C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Micro Focus\NMShared\CTI\11.1 directory.

You may also need to add /NMIgnore:pku_debug_report.c in the project properties as well.  As the lab has reported encountering some strange issues there, never encountered before when not instrumenting these functions.  Although, it is thought to possibly be nothing more than the preprocessed files.

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