Disable Error Detection Profiling for calls to Third Party libraries



When a module is called under Error Dectection, all code within the module, including calls to third party modules are profiled. At times this can present a problem with time sensitive calls to these modules, whereby an attempted call will terminate if not completed within a specific time period.


There is a undocumented method to temporarily disable profiling on  code segments that make this call.

In the source file which calls the third-party extension, add the following code:

// Numega Extension Library #include <NMAPILIB.h> #pragma comment(lib,"NMAPILIB.lib")

Modify the project settings to include this in the list of additional INCLUDE and LIB directories.  Alter as appropriate if you install DevPartner to a non-default directory or drive.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\DevPartner Studio\BoundsChecker\ERptApi\"

Finally, wrap the call to the third party code with the following:

      // Turn off BoundsChecker API pre and post processing.       bool fPreviousMode = Numega::NMSetHookMode ( false ) ;

      // Call the third party code here.

      // Restore BoundsChecker API processing to what it was before.       Numega::NMSetHookMode ( fPreviousMode ) ;

This does not disable all Error Detection profiling and if during that third-party processing DLLs are loaded, performance may still be slow.

This should be used infrequently, as it deprives Error Detection of the profiling data information needed for accurate reporting.

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