DevPartner Error Detection Wait Switch



When using Error Detection, also known as BoundsChecker (BC.exe) from the Windows Command shell, Error Detection will   populate the DevPartner Watchlist and immediately launch the target application and begin profiling. There was no provision for populating the Watchlist and Wait for Process, as is availabe in the graphical user interface of the standalone version of Error Detection.


Beginning with build 11.3 build 1643, a new option, /WAIT,  has been added. Using this option will result in the DevPartner Watchlist being populated. However, DevPartner will not launch the target application immediately,  but will wait until the application is started from some other means, and begin profiling the application. The behavior will be similiar to Selecting Program \ Wait For Process under the standalone Error Detection graphical user interface.

 Sample snytax below:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\DevPartner Studio\BoundsChecker\bc.exe" /WAIT /B ./test.DPBcl "MFSupportInfo.exe"


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