Notification of DevPartner Updates



How can I notified when a newer update of DevPartner is available.


As of version 10, The DevPartner Activity Monitor that is accessible from the Windows System Tray will poll our Micro Focus support site to determine if a newer version is available.  If a newer version is available you will receive notification at a new verson is available. Click on notification and you will observe a dialog box displayed noting the installed version as well as the newer version available. Click on the newer version, and you will be directed logon to Once you have logged on, Click on Product Updates and you will observe the products available for the serial numbers assigned to your logon ID. Click on the appropriate product and download the latest version available.

You can also manually ckeck for newer updates by right clicking on the The DevPartner Activity Monitor icon in the System Troy. The icon consists of a yellow square surrounded by eight, red and black, diamonds.

You can configure the DevPartner Activity Monitor to not check for updates. You can also change the default from checking every 14 days to checking as frequently as once a day, or once every year, or somewhere within that range.




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