How To: Profile the members of a Structure with Bounds Checker



By default Bounds Checker does not examine the members of a Structure, only the Structure as a whole. During a profiling session under Bounds Checker an array inside of a Structure is not profiled.


You will need to enable the option to  examine the members of the structure in the BoundsChecker settings file for that application. The name of the settings file will be %APPLICATION%.DPbcd where %APPLICATION% is the name of your application. By default, this will be located in the same directory as your executable. If you are profiling from Visual Studio, this will be in the same directory as your Debug directory under your solution.

Follow the outlined steps below:

  1. If your solution is currently open in Visual Studio close it.
  2. Under Windows File explorer, navigate to the location of the .DPbcl file.
  3. Edit the ".DPbcd" file associated with the executable under test in via a text editor, i.e. Notepad
  4. Within the text editor perform a search for the option "EnableStructureMemberEnumeration=0"
  5. Change the '0' to a '1'.
  6. Save the .DPbcd file
  7. Reload the Solution in Visual Studio and begin profiling again.


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