Profiling a Windows Service with Error Detection



Typically you will begin a DevPartner Error Detection (or BoundsChecker) session by selecting the  executable containing the entry point of the application, via a main method, and invoking it under Error Detection.  However, a service is called by another application and is not directly launched as an exectable with a main method would be launched.



The standalone version of DevPartner Error Detection or BoundsChecker has a feature called “Wait for Process”.  Wait for Process is an optional start up feature.  By pointing BoundsChecker to your service and issuing a “Wait for Process”, BoundsChecker will inject the binary and catch it at start up when launched from either the Service Control Manager, Net Start, or SC Start.

To utilize this feature please follow the outlined steps below:

1. (As an Administrator) Launch Error Detection(BoundsChecker) standalone:  Start > Programs >Micro Focus > DevPartner>Error Detection

2. Menu: File > Open > (Locate your Service)

3. Menu: Program > Wait For Process

4. Start your service from the SCM, Net Start, or SC Start

*Note: If the wait for process dialog box disappeared Bounds Checker has successfully injected the process and profiling has begun.

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