Application does not build correctly with BoundsChecker - in MSDEV 4.xx



Whenever a BoundsChecker build is attempted, some sort 'NMAKE' fatal error occurs, usually with a syntax error around an unreferenced "::"


This happens only on Visual C 4.xx.  Building with FinalCheck or CTI requires that we rebuild all of your binary files.  To do this we spawn off NMAKE, replacing the compiler environmental variable with our compiler, and the linker variable with our linker.  However, this version of MSDEV is notorious for generating .mak files that do not compile.  To test this, run nmake /f yourproj.mak CFG="Your debug config".  You will see the same error message.  All we do when we do a BoundsChecker build is run with the command line nmake /f yourproj.mak CFG="Your debug config" CPP=nmcl LINK32=nmlink.

Why does msdev build your project correctly?  It uses an internal build system that we do not have access to.

Fixing this involves: 1. Regenerating the .mak file and hoping that it contains no errors.  2. Editing the .mak file to remove the syntax error(s). 3. Using DevStudio 5.0, which lets us into it's build environment, so you don't see this particular problem.

Old KB# 12226
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