How can I use DriverWorks with different DDKs?



What are the details of installing both the NT and

2000 version of the DDK on a single development machine and getting the DriverStudio tools to work with them both?


Use SetDDKGo utility in DriverWorks\bin directory.

How SetDDKGo.exe works:

To properly build DriverWorks libraries and projects under DevStudio, the environment must be properly setup.  Basically this means that the environment variable DRIVERWORKS must be set to the path of the root directory of the DriverWorks installation, and the Setenv.bat file for the appropriate DDK must have been run to setup build environment variables such as BASEDIR.

The program SetDDKgo.exe is designed to help accomplish this.  This program builds a batch file which it then executes in a child process. The batch file it creates sets the environment variable for DRIVERWORKS, calls the Setenv.bat file for the DDK it is setting up, and starts a program (usually DevStudio). To build the batch file, SetDDKgo.exe uses a variety of information sources. Here are the command line switches, environment variables and registry entries used by SetDDKgo.exe. Command line switches have highest precedence followed by environment variables, and finally registry settings.

Command Line Switches:

-k DDK directory

-p Program to run

-d DriverWorks directory

To edit a shortcut, right click on it, select Properties, and add the parameters to the Target line.

If you have multiple DDKs you need to build against, or you want to build from the command line, you can easily create multiple shortcuts to SetDDKgo.exe with the appropriate command line switches to start DevStudio setup for the appropriate DDK.

Be sure that you have the correct DDK installed before building the libraries.  The BASEDIR environment variable should select either the NT DDK, Windows 2000 DDK or the Windows 98 DDK (to build WDM libraries).

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